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*Our Active English for Kids program proudly collaborates exclusively with preschool, and primary schools only.

What is Active English?

Active English for Kids is a multi-sensory learning experience, combining English and physical education in an interactive environment. In order to develop English competence, we utilize movement concepts related to a variety of physical activities. We can all agree that the pandemic limited children’s opportunities for group physical activities. Active English for Kids provides a wide range of physical activities and promotes active and healthy lifestyles.


During 30 minute sessions, your child will participate in a series of fun, interactive group activities. These experiences promote teamwork, turn-taking, and positive attitudes. English is embedded in subject-related activities and games. Parents will receive a "game plan", which is a breakdown of all the material that will be covered during the lessons. We care about each child's progress.  This is why we work to communicate with parents to ensure success.

Our methods help students develop the importance of:

  • physical fitness/sports activity

  • problem solving/ creative thinking

  • social skills/verbal communication

  • sportsmanship

  • balance/body coordination

  • confidence

  • health awareness

  •  leadership

  • character development

  • teamwork

  • focus/ attention

  • controlling emotions

  • muscle memory

  • positive values and attitudes


Active English Online for athletes

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Immerse yourself in a unique learning experience with our ACTIVE ENGLISH ONLINE program, tailored for young athletes aged 8-14 who participate in the Youth NFL Flag Poland league or plan to join the American football community. This program seamlessly integrates language development with sports training, allowing you to master flag football fundamentals, boost teamwork, and enhance sportsmanship.


Our exclusive Active English online course is designed for student-athletes, providing clear, concise, and enjoyable language development. Enjoy the convenience of 30-minute sessions, easily fitting into your schedule for just 30 Zł per class. Connect with a global community, developing English proficiency and preparing for international opportunities. The benefits are lifelong, fostering confidence for global interactions and enhancing both educational and professional prospects. Join us in unlocking the potential of language and sports!

To ensure a seamless and enriching learning experience in the NFL Flag Poland English online program, participants are required to meet the following essential requirements:


Access to Zoom

Notebook for Note taking

Teamwork Digital Environment


Advanced Tech

Learning Beyond Flag Football

Emphasis on English Proficiency

Sign your child up

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We have a "NO JUDGING" rule that we respectfully have all students and parents abide by.   Signing your child up in our program is the best way for your child to learn English. Our English Coach has a vast amount of experience working with kids.  The most important goal of Active English is to teach the next generation about diversity and openess to other cultures and nations.
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