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  • Enthusiastic and Interactive Conversations

  • Learn with games and many activities

  • Social & team building skills 

  • All at an affordable price!


Make mistakes,have fun, laugh, and learn

Here at Owens Academy, we strive to create the perfect virtual learning experience for all our students. You’re invited to take control of your English learning path by joining our energetic conversation groups at an affordable price. Our main goal is to help you build confident social language skills. In a group environment, you and your peers have a common goal—to improve your English speaking skills. Regardless of your previous experience, we have groups at every level.

How it works

Book your course

Choose your course level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, then purchase the course

30zl per lesson | 30-lessons  total

Schedule your  lessons

Choose the day & time you want to have your lessons (use Calendly to schedule your lessons)

*You have 3 months to complete all 30 lessons

Join your lessons

Build confidence with the support of a teacher and group members, all working together to improve your communication skills. 


(All Lessons are 30 min ) 


Image by Marvin Meyer

  • A computer, tablet, or a phone with good speakers or headphones. (So you can hear the pronunciation very clearly).

Image by iyus sugiharto
  • All group lessons will be hosted on zoom

Open Minded Graphic

Have a positive and open-minded attitude towards each one another.  It will help you acheive fluency much faster when working your open to different point of views.

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