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At Owens Academy, we empower students to take on new tasks and experiences, that will create a broad range of opportunities. Contact us today to get started.



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We offer English lessons tailored for individuals and groups- Companies, Adults, and Young Learners.  You have the best of both worlds. Our qualified American Native teachers bring a dynamic and effective approach to teaching English as a foreign language. Our qualified Polish teachers are experienced and do a great job using Polish to elicit key points to guide Polish speakers who need their first language translated for comprehension.  


Lessons take place either online or face-to-face, depending if you are located in Warsaw,Poland


Our individual lessons are all personalized to your specific English goals. Our qualified American Native teachers do a great job making sure you are in a positive, stress-free space so you can get the most out of your lessons.

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Tailored & customized lessons For your English goals

2  Active English is available for kids

 3 Qualified & experienced Teachers (TEFL certification)

Agata Zamarska

I decided to take the intensive course which helped me pass an important exam. The lecturer adjusted their level to my skills and expectations.

Beata Dobrzynska

Owens Academy has a variety of teaching methods that allows me to learn the language faster. These are topics on various topics, debates with arguments for and against, comprehensible reading of press articles, learning useful words, homework, essays and tests

Bartosz Kozlowski

Thanks to Owens Academy, I improved my English alot. I can see huge progress in terms of understanding The English language as well as clear progress in speaking and writing.  

Our "Family Oriented" foundation puts our students at the core of our priorities.

We use innovative teaching methods so our students can feel more comfortable and excel when using the English language.  Our effective approach distinguishes us from other language schools.

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